All program staff are culturally and linguistically competent to serve African immigrants and refugees. We are African immigrants who speak multiple languages. We understand the culture and are effective at removing the barriers that prevent Africans from accessing support services.

SAYFSM staff are professionals with experience and training in providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS. They are effective in providing HIV-positive individuals with a continuum of care, linking them to medical care, and meeting their basic and other needs.

  • Ephraim Olani, Executive Director
    Ephraim Olani
    Executive Director
  • Dr. Gari Jaleta, Medical Case Manager
    Dr. Gari Jaleta
    Medical Case Manager
  • Elizabeth Gerbi, Medical Case Manager
    Elizabeth Gerbi
    Medical Case Manager
  • Fikru Eticha, Outreach Director
    Fikru Eticha
    Outreach Director
  • Yoseph Geleta, EHDI Outreach Coordinator
    Yoseph Geleta
    EHDI Outreach Coordinator
  • Yigezu Haile, Care Advocate
    Yigezu Haile
    Care Advocate


  • Bob Sannerud, Board Chair, Life Link, CPA

  • Neal Meyer, Treasurer, TCF, CPA

  • Daniel Namarra, Roosevelt High School, Program Developer/Teacher

  • Habtamu Awetu, Lawyer

  • Lakka Benti, Program Analyst

  • Lisa Dalke, Century College, Literacy Educator

  • Kurt Bachmayer, Tech Specialist, retired

  • Ephraim Olani, SAYFSM, Executive Director